Luis Rolando rojas
Parallel Zones
"Down a natural area..."
The zoo of the areas is described as a parallel route of human track down a natural area with abundant wildlife. The human journey is an area of underground movement, a long journey that enlightens the curious in different seasons collective or personal, where through the use of passive technologies developed by the human intellect, are people going near the animal habitat desapersibido, achieving the observation of animal species in their natural state. This is the discovery of the secret activities of the animals. Animals can be varied as to the length of the park and the natural movement of individuals through the. The time of observation is described as an enveloping experience, where we feel vulnerable. We never comment on the unilateral and addresses, we are surrounded by reality. Visitors to the area emerged as a soft tourists. The incursion of man in the animal world must be like the incursion of the world of ghosts in our reality ... so incredible as invisible.