pedro vargas ruiz
Pedro Vargas is a graduate in Fine Art at the University of Chili, in 2008 enters the master's degree in interactive media art. He has performed various works such as performance,, video art, video installation, interactives environments. Exhibited his work in various areas such as art gallery, multimedia museum of the University of Chile, Museum of art Contemporary of Chili, in some video art festivals and an International Festival of students of new technologies in Germany. He is developing a prosthetic “Eye Tracking” to inexpensive for performance by control robots.
Cho Seung Hui
This video it have five video. The first is an original video download from Youtube
The title of the video: Cho Seung-Hui, referring to the name of a South Korean student living in the United States played a massacre at Virginia Tech. This video is composed of four videos arranged in the same plane. Each element is composed of a video downloaded from youtube, where Seung-Hui Cho appears proclaiming his monologue. This first video is an intervention with the recording of me doing a performative action. The extension of the body facing the unknown of space Cho to refer to this loss of information. Video performance is similar to the reconstruction of a scene, reconstructed from an intimate way ironic. After this video was uploaded to youtube and censored for the people.