Gregor Rozanski
ephemeral ideas and situations, post-conceptual, sculpture (in its most expanded sense), sounds, between audio and visual, redefinitions and chaos.
We have a right to give nothing and we wish to suffer nothing
sound cut&paste collage / textual music
Title maxim dates from 19th century esoteric text „La Clef des grands mysteries” of Elphias Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant), famous french occultist and magician. Author attributes these words to the angels who God has convicted to denunciation and fall into hell.

From translation of Aliester Crolwey:

„This is how a lofty and profound poetry explains the fall of the angels. (...)
"We have a right to give nothing, and we wish to suffer nothing" said the spirits, hating love.
"Remain in your right," answered God, "and let us separate! I and Mine wish to suffer and even to die, to love. It is our duty!"
The fallen angel is then he who, from the beginning, refused to love; he does not love, and that is his whole torture; he does not give, and that is his poverty; he does not suffer, and that is his nothingness; he does not die, and that is his exile.”

Since long time the notion of „fallen angels” is rooted in popculture and counter-culture, in relation to all outsiders, excluded groups and „lost generations”.

13 second soundwork consists of samples (single words) from various songs, i.a. from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Psychic TV, Diamanda Galas, Devendra Banhart, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash and Sledge Sisters (known of queer hit „We are family”). Many rebellious voices in one [anti]postulate?

piece for looped play. It's also some kind of subliminal message – it can be easier to undestand after listening a few times

project for sound installations

Samples from : Sledge Sisters – We are Family, Psychic TV – Papal Breakdance, Beastie Boys – Fight for Your Right, Little Fyodor – You Give me a Hard-on, Death in June – Bring in the Night, Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science-Fiction Double Feature, Diamanda Galas – The Iron Lady, The Sickest Squad – As U Wish, Devendra Banhart – Heard Somebody Say, Marilyn Manson - Fundamentally Loathsome, Johnny Cash – The Wanderer
We live in the world where invisible or virtual law is much more important than materiality. Even the Law Art competition has his own law, rules and regulations. Nothing is out of law (?)

In 1917 Marcel Duchamp has submitted to exhibition of Society of Independent Artists his first controversial ready-made called „Fountain”, what is dated as the beginning of conceptual art. And this project is kind of post-conceptual ready-made, created by re-sending and exhibit a legal disclamer of REFF as work of art.