Daniele Salvatori
a fracture in porta portese (rome)
This project aims to be a fracture, as a furrow in the ground, a tear telluric. In it there are places made of emotions, sensations, space to discover and to live. A route that attempts to summarize in himself the feelings that are perceived to be always a Porta Portese. Everything is obtained through modeling of the ground, creating the situation where you can go from a world of chaos and light, with an intimate, shady, hidden, pierced by blades of light. A microcosm that wants to sink roots in the ground, blend with the surroundings and be part of an urban system more complex. So after having walked along the narrow street between the barracks, we found catapulted into a "body" where the shacks have become sharp walls, and "personalities" that are born from the soil, and that shape the space, making it interesting to discover and live. The walls are seats, showcases where show handicrafts or membranes increased in soil that filter the light. Inside the trail there are a coffee shop and artisan workshops. The first is a sort of open space where you can pause, watch the Tevere and the bridge Sublicio through "visual guns." The laboratories are integrated into the walls system and leave the visitor how to find out. Everything is designed so there is always continuity between horizontal structures and vertical, so the floor becomes the wall and cover.