Stefano_Francesco Pala_Rosati
Nephogram is a netlabel focused on electronic, electroacoustic, electro and noise music.
electroacoustic, electronic, field recordings,
-Source# - sequences taken from from Berlioz - Sogne d'un nuit du sabbat, Marche Au Supplie and Sumer - Maskanak & Swehil(BeatPick) -All the chosen sequences are processed by spectral techniques as freezing, phase vocoding, spectral shaping and granulation with MaxMSP and SoundHack Plug-ins and organized in a new structure with no links to the original tracks
-#666666[source] -10 Micro-sample cut-up from BaceQuartet_Nona de l'Est (BeatPick) -Completly rebuild song structure using rythmic microsampled sound from Nona de l'Est.  Granular pad using sample cut-up from BaceQuartet_Nona de l'Est  synthesis for Sub, Wooble Bass, tempo-synched chords