anna olmo
I was born and live in Italy. From 1994 I use many kind of media to write: video, photos, codes like html, dhtml, php, javascript, flash and so on, and obviously: the pen. I worked in the advertising area from almost 13 years, 6 of them in collaboration with the painter Paola Rattazzi. Some of my videos were showed in New York, Baia Mare (Romania), Italy, Germany and so on. For details about exhibitions, awards and vj performances please visit
Colore - Paola Molgora
video dal disco di esordio
Video is a vj footage's remix of open source archives, downloaded from Internet Archive. Music by Paola Molgora, 2009
Sogno di Palazzi Assurdi
video poesia per il progetto Extroversi
Quadro di Paola Rattazzi, parole di Anna Olmo
Deriva 1: Il corpo // Detournement 1: The Body
An ipnotic carillon of lights and words: the body is covered by the images of our daylife, it's only the proiection of the Show (in the meaning of Guy Debord).
Un carillon ipnotico di luci e parole: quando il corpo diventa proiezione dello spettacolo, in-vestito dalle immagini che "accordano" il quotidiano. Proiezioni su corpo nudo di footage per VJ, riprese ed eding.