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Welcome to REFF!

REFF is an international competition in which artists, writers, musicians, designers, architects and creatives can submit their works, as long as they are created by remixing, mashing up, cutting-up, recontextualizing, squatting, morphing one or more "objects" that are subject to copyright/patent restrictions.

Yes, to join REFF you need to break the law!

Well, not really. What we ask people joining REFF is to experiment with the laws on patents and intellectual property, and to expose their paradoxes, errors, useless limitations, producing beautiful productions, things that can enrich our existence, our knowledge of the world and of its cultures, by remixing, disassembling, reassembling, connecting things that someone else created.

Remix, citation, cut-up and recontextualization are techniques that are incredibly valuable and productive, as shown all over in contemporary arts, in science and design. Contemporary social sciences explain cultures, languages and our own ways of learning and understanding as the creation and modification of networks. Internet itself is based on the concept of linking.

Technology is showing us how the possibility to have free access to knowledge and content is probabily the most powerful tool to achieve sustainable and effective creative, cultural, political and economic models.

REFF wants to build on this idea.